to create

and breathe life from an otherwise basic tube of paint and piece of cloth stretched between pieces of wood… to capture the fleeting moment in time with a piece of graphite or a scrumptious stick of pure pigment… to take a deep rooted thought or pain and express it for the universe to see and feel. Art. 

It’s more about reacting to my paint application process that excites me and being able to record a special moment that has captured my attention due to its absurdity, color, magic or unexplained pain.  I still enjoy using a variety of media, depending on mood and muse. 

Canadian born and now residing back on the east coast where I recently moved from a long stretch in Fresno, I’m deeply inspired by my new surroundings which play a major role in my newest series. Through my artistic journey I have traveled “paths”, gotten intertwined in “spirals”, enlightened by the “fem divine” and healed with the “blue period”. Each season of a series, leads into the next. Like a river, the art keeps happening and changing with various ebbs and flows, adding to the experience.

“We are all creators as we are all intertwined to make up this very moment. Enjoy Life!”